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Welcome to Insomnia Sweeps

We're a late-night sweepstakes, catering to night owls! You're more than welcome to enter for prizes 24/7 but make sure to come back after Midnight EST to see even more! Enter for prizes, read blogs, and have fun on Insomnia Sweeps! Keep scrolling down to read how it all works.

How Insomnia Sweeps Works!

So you’re up all night again? So are we! Instead of counting sheep, let’s start counting chances to win! Insomnia Sweeps offers lots of opportunities for chances to win some awesome prizes - instead of tossing and turning all night long. We really come alive between 12:00am & 6:00am EST! So let’s check out what you can enter to win instead of watching the same movie again and again:

1.Make sure you enter for chances to win the daily 3:00am EST $25 cash prize and the 6:00am EST $30 cash prize. Simply, submit your email address to receive an entry ticket. The winning ticket numbers are drawn randomly daily. Insomnia Sweeps allows up to ten (10) entries daily for each so make sure to max out.

2. Check out the other awesome prizes ranging from chances to win a $500 cash prize, $250 luxury sheets, and even a new bed! The winning ticket numbers are selected randomly on the end dates so make sure to max out and submit the daily entries allowed for each!

3. Winners are notified by email so make sure to enter your valid email address. If you miss an email from us, that’s okay. You can simply go to our Winners page to see who has won and check if your name is there.

While our daily winners are selected at 3:00am EST & 6:00am EST, you can submit your entries all day long! So day or night, Insomnia Sweeps is always open for some fun, entertainment, excitement, and chances to win! Don’t forget to check out our blogs below for some useful thoughts, ideas, and information about insomnia.